How to choose the right lipstick for you?

A little lipstick goes a long way in your makeup routine. It can add the perfect amount of sophistication and polish when applied with technique and style. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular and classic forms of makeup. But, with so many lipsticks to choose from, it can be a real struggle to get the perfect look and shade to match your unique complexion. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you boost your technique and choose the lipstick that’s right for you.

Color choices can be tricky business. Have you ever gone shopping for a new color and ended up with a big collection of lipsticks in the same color range? It happens to the best of us.
Branching out with new textures that match your complexion can be tough too. But it’s rewarding. Lipstick textures – matte or gloss, stick or liquid – can add some new flair to your look.

Choosing your color

Lipstick shade should complement the rest of your makeup look and the overall image you want to achieve. First, let’s find the perfect shade to match your skin tone.
Follow this guide to make sure each of your color choices will bring out the natural radiance of your skin tone.

Fair: Rose, red
Olive: Brown, red
Warm skin tone: Orange, reddish brown
Cool skin tone: Pink, purple

How to pick a new shade of lipstick:
Want to keep your look natural? Go for a tone that is close to the natural color of your skin. A lipstick shade brighter than your natural color could have a dulling effect on your complexion. Color contrast is your friend.

Bonus tip!
Be careful with lipstick colors that have a bluish tone. They can dull your complexion. To brighten up and give radiance to your skin, apply a touch of blusher around your lips.

How to choose the right texture

Lipsticks with defined colors and a creamy finish are generally very popular, but there are plenty more textures to choose from. Textures range from matte types, which are long-lasting, to gloss types with a sheer, translucent finish.

Creamy lipsticks
Looking for defined colors, but only have a little time for touch-ups during the day? Creamy lipsticks are the best choice.
Creamy lipsticks also make your lips look firm and taut, so they’re the perfect option for women with full lips.
When you wear lipstick with good coloration and low translucence, try adding a touch of blusher to the cheeks to round off the color.

Sheer lipsticks
Do your lips need a little extra dimension? Try sheer lipsticks. They make your lips appear fuller and plumper.
Sheer lipstick colors appear more subdued and natural because they reflect more light. If you love bright-red lipstick, but don’t want to stand out too much, keep the color subtle and natural with sheer red lipsticks.

Ageless textures
It’s natural for your lips to lose color and tone over time. If you want to add color to your lips, then it’s better to try a lipstick with good coloration and avoid sheer or gloss types.

How to apply lipstick

Before you apply lipstick, be sure to accentuate your lip contours with foundation or concealer. This will give you a beautiful finish, without the need for a lip liner.
Avoid caking on too much foundation. It can peak through your lipstick over time, which does not look very flattering. Be sure to apply foundation as thinly as possible.
An undercoat of lip essence or balm will improve the lipstick color, prevent dryness, and hide vertical lines.

Don’t forget to accentuate your lip contours!
Using a lipstick with strong coloration? Well-defined contours are key to make your lips appear fuller and prevent feathering.
The secret to beautiful contours is a lip brush. Professional makeup artists will coat a lip brush from the roots and meticulously arrange the bristles before applying. Lipstick with strong coloration should be applied all the way to the corners of your lip to achieve a sophisticated, brilliant finish.
To get the best results, use a lip liner to accentuate the lip contours and improve the duration of your lipstick hold.

Keep in mind:
Color is especially important at the center of the lips. Apply an extra bit of lipstick at the center for a fuller, plumper appearance.