Enhance your complexion with the untapped potential of concealer. Dark circles, dark spots, and unwanted blemishes are all avoidable with the help of a well-chosen concealer. There are so many shades and varieties to choose from: sticks, powders, liquids and creams. Here are some simple, techniques to choose and use the ideal concealer.

Know Your Purpose and Target Area — Choose the Right Type of Concealer.

Go with liquid concealer when you want light coverage over a wide area of the face
Liquid is great for areas that move around a lot, specifically around the eyes, because it creates a light finish.

Stick or Compact
Stick or compact concealers are great for small or narrow area coverage

Choosing a Concealer Shade

Highlighting or adding clarity? Stick with a lighter tone. Dark spots and pimples are better conquered by a neutral shade, slightly darker than your natural skin color.

Using Concealer over Foundation
Ideal shades vary depending on the order foundation and concealer are applied. If you’re using concealer over liquid or cream foundation, first try covering the area with foundation. Still struggling to get that perfect look? Try a concealer closer to your natural skin pigment.

Seasonal Shades
Summer season means darker skin tones. Don’t forget to match the concealer shade to the season.

Queue Up, Foundation and Concealer

Apply powder last. Always. It helps your makeup last longer and prevents caking. Concealer goes on first when you use a powder foundation. Using a liquid or cream foundation? Concealer comes after. Finish up with a face powder.

Liquid foundation ⇒ Concealer
Concealer ⇒ Powder foundation

Problem Spots

Dark Circles

  • The skin around the eyes tends to dry out easily. Before applying a concealer, be sure to moisturize with eye cream.
  • Since your eyes move a lot, you’re better off avoiding a heavy type of concealer. Instead, go with a liquid or cream type with a light finish. A concealer specially designed for the eyes also works.
  • Say “so long” to gray and blue tinged dark circles with an orange-hued concealer.
  • Apply concealer only to the darkest part of the circle, instead of spreading it across a wide area. Administer concealer with a lifting motion along the area where the dark circle is most noticeable to purify and refresh your skin.
  • A special concealer brush or cotton swab is particularly handy for small or delicate areas.