Lip gloss may seem like one of the easiest ways to achieve a distinct look without much effort, but there are a few tips and tricks to getting it right. A careless application of lip gloss can spoil the overall impression by making our lips look blurry and oily. So, make sure your lip gloss adds just a hint of color, applied cleanly at the contours of your lips to achieve that radiant, glassy sensation. Check out our 3 quick tips to get the most out of your lip gloss and you’ll be experimenting with some playful variations in no time.

Lip gloss: how the professionals do it

1. Apply lip gloss only to the center of your lips
When applied correctly, lip gloss will make your lips appear fuller, plumper, and more reflective—without impairing the contours. To get it right, cover the center part of your bottom lip with a coat of gloss over your lipstick. If you prefer matte or creamy textures, only apply the gloss lightly in the center.

2. Lip liner and gloss
Going for natural, unadorned colors but still want to keep those defined contours? Try lip liner and gloss in combination. First, trace the contours of your lips with a lip liner to stop the colors from bleeding out onto your cheeks. Then, apply the gloss. When you preserve the clean lines, the gloss will highlight and define the contours of your lips.

3. Lipstick on top of gloss for radiant accents
Start by glossing your lips completely. Then, apply a lipstick with a defined color to the center of the lips. This technique will help those colors radiate naturally from the center with a subtle shine of glassy texture underneath.